Easy but Yummy

What to do for tea??? Its one of the most difficult questions of every single day, for me anyway…. Ahh, my poor life ;)… But seriously, it can be a decision that takes all day to make….. What to do for tea hmmmm. Tonight we had a simple ceasar salad.. Its always a favourite, it feeds plenty and is sooo yummy… First, I make a simple salad in individual bowls, just lettuce, tomato and cheese ( you can make the salad however you choose, simple or to your taste, its just how I do it ). Then we fry up some diced chicken and bacon and at the same time boil some eggs.. When the chicken is done, shell the eggs (we want them warm like the chicken and bacon). Chuck the warm chicken, bacon and diced egg on top of your already prepared salad, throw on your favourite ceasar sauce (we use Paul Newman, soo good!) You can throw in croutons if you like, but the kids make faces at them so I don’t.. Easy.. Now just to help with amounts, for a family of 10 we use 1kg of chicken (diced) around half a kilo of bacon, and 6-8 eggs.. You can also do the same in a large salad bowl and servr it out once done.. so thats what we ate tonight and I am full and satisfied. More importantly, so are all the kids. Now, what do I do tomorrow?? Ahhh, I’ll ask myself that tomorrow, I am not in the mood for such big questions 🙂


Ahhh I’m gettin old!!

So one of my babies has turned 15 today… I guess its a strange feeling as the kids get older, well for me it is…. You start to reflect more with each birthday they have and you wonder where did all those years go? Shouldn’t I remember more about them? And that overwhelming, nagging little person on my shoulder saying to me “woman, you are getting old”… Then I argue with myself for some time over the day, that” I am still young at heart”, then,” oh no I see greys”…..Then I pull myself back and say, “this day isn’t about you!”. But actually when you think about it, in some way, it is…. I gave birth all those years ago, I fed, dressed, cuddled, kissed and loved you every single second of your life…Without question, or condition, the love is instant and you know, forever…. Even when they are being little “turds”, it doesn’t waiver… So its a very reflective day, is a childs birthday. And the older they get the more I find myself reflecting and arguing with myself….. So happy birthday baby (always my babies) and stay happy forever xoxoxoxo

Holidays eeee

IMG_4334So, being the large family that we are, holiday time is always a ‘thing’……… What do we do with the kids..As in go away? Obviously jumping on a plane and flying off to a wonderful destination, financially, is not an option.  So what do we do? Well we love to camp, and over the years have perfected our camp trailer and bought and sold, till eventually we are now able to go and do pretty much whatever we want.We are able to self provide without power for several weeks, even longer providing the sun is out…. Loving solar panels :). But all that aside, camping can still cost when you are taking sooooo many kids. The big camp parks are not an option for us really. We have travelled enough now to know there are cheaper and usually much nicer options. You just have to look. For the perfect example, Tocumwal on the Murray. Beautiful!! And free. Camilla Beach, south of Mackay QLD, wow its so gorgeous and the water is warm and aqua, and its free too. This country has so many beautiful places that are suitable for the smaller budget and more often than not, have so much more to teach kids than a hotel room with a pool.. Happy Holidaying to all..

‘Fresh’ or ‘Frozen’

This is a fight I have had with myself for many years.. Do I buy fresh vegetables or frozen?  We cook for the kids pretty much every night. 365 days a year. But when giving the kids vegies, what is actually better to buy, remembering that I buy from a large supermarket chain, every week without fail.. These days, well I buy the kilo frozen bags of vegetables, but with buying them comes a certain amount of guilt too. I decided to do this because I was finding that more and more often, the vegetables “fresh”, are not lasting me the week, before they go off.. I find this extremely frustrating and a waste of not only money but food, as I am throwing away so much “off” vegies.. Does anyone else have this issue? I am also quite frustrated that with doing this, frozen choice I feel quite guilty. Are the kids still getting the right nutrients? Am I causing them any health issues from buying frozen.. Ahhh its annoying that this is so annoying….well let me know if you have any suggestions or the same annoying issue 🙂

AHHHH Discipline

Well we all know this is a touchy subject, and with children aged from 1 to 20, and all being there own little/big selves, its a hard thing to know what to do… I am not going to pretend we are the perfect family with the perfectly behaved children (but they are perfect) and so of course with children I guess we all need to find a way to ‘discipline’ certain behaviours.    I really struggle at times to know what to do and keep the ‘teens’ on a good path, but I do expect the rules we have to be followed. So how do we ‘discipline’ our teens. The best way we know how is to remove all social media. This works for us because the kids are social media crazy!! We usually remove there phones, laptops, xbox etc for a week.. The sad thing about doing this is, you actually realise that they seem to go through a form of withdrawal.  But its the main form we use to get the kids to understand that there are rules etc we expect to be followed, if only they could realise they are usually made to protect them, ahhh teens. Now liitle ones are a different matter and a whole different story for another time. So stick to your guns, Stay strong, and with teens I wish you all the luck and love in the world, its no easy feat! Good Luck 🙂

Mummies Little helper :)

The first thing I will say to survive this tribe, is: C’mon 5pm, its wine time! Oh and tea prep time… Tonight is what we would class as takeaway, two chooks (cooked), some coleslaw and rolls.. CHICKEN N COLESLAW ROLLS are delicisious… And easy to prepare… Always a favourite with the kids, if they are young, chicken and good old tomatoe sauce will do :)…. And a glass of wine for mumma. Its gonna be a good night 🙂

Hello world! Between my gorgeous man and I we have 8 kids. I plan to share our life of ups and downs, easy cooking tips and lifes little secrets that I use to deal with a tribe of this size.. Even get advise from all of you when ‘desperate’ help is needed. :)

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